Door Switch Sensor
Recessed, Flush Finish
*Best for Retrofitting


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Reed Sensor and Magnet – Flush with Surface, when Installed

The LD1401 is identical to the LD1400 except the reed sensor and magnet have a slight flange allowing the parts to sit flush with the surface. The parts are perfect for retrofitting to cabinets already delivered onsite. There are various magnet/reed sensor configurations that can be employed as shown in this brochure.


  • The magnet is placed in the door and the reed sensor is placed in the carcass
  • Silent with a lifespan greater than 10,000,000 operations
  • Works across gaps up to 35mm on hinged, sliding or bi-fold doors
  • Requires solid-state switching controllers LD2015 or LD2000-A to interface
  • Includes magnet and reed sensor with two metre lead and plug

To order

Simple: Select one LD1401 per door and one LD2015 DC controller per light.
Alternative controller: Two channel AC switching controller LD2000-A.

DC Controller LD2015: switches 12V @ 60W or 24V @ 120W.
AC Controller LD2000-A: switches 240VAC, 500W, with two channels and delay timer.

LD2015 DC controller for controlling LED lights in cabinets and closetsLD2000-A AC controller for door switched LED cabinet lighting

You may also require

10mm drill guide for drilling on edge: LD1405

Two metre 2 wire extension cable: LD1563
Lightdream ld1563 extension cable for reed sensors/




Operating Gap: 0 – 40 mm. Can be increased with stronger magnet.

Dimension: Flange 11mm dia, body 9.5 mm dia. x 30mm L
Type: NdFeB
Lifespan: 10,000 years

Dimension: Flange 11mm, body 9.5 mm dia x 30mm L
Type: Encapsulated Reed Switch
Cable: 2 metre
Plug: 2 pole
Operations: 10,000,000

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