AC Controller with Timer
For Miniature PIR Sensors
Movement Activated


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AC controller for use with miniature motion sensor (PIR)

The LD2000-P is a two channel device designed for switching mains power to one or two individual loads when combined with our miniature motion sensors (PIR).

  • The miniature motion sensors are just 16mm in diameter
  • A maximum of two PIR sensors can be connected to each controller with either one per channel or two on a single channel.
  • Once triggered the load will stay powered until the preset timer has timed out. Re-triggering the sensor during this period resets the timer to zero and the timing period commences again.
  • Motion sensors available in black or white finish
  • The LD2000-P is equipped with four Sensor Inputs, four DIP switches, mains power input connection and two sets of mains power output connections.


The three RHS DIP switches are used for timing. Eight timer settings provide a range of 10 seconds through to 1 hour then infinity.

The LHS DIP switch is used to select either one or two channel configuration. Two channel configuration will allow for two individual loads to be controlled via the one device.

Switching is solid-state with a maximum total load across both outputs of 500W.

Lighting: LED Drivers, electronic and iron core transformers, incandescent and fluorescent loads.
Motors, relays, solenoids and fans.

Installation Instructions LD2000-P
















Input/Output 220-240VAC 50/60Hz

115VAC available

Power Outputs 2
Channels 1 or 2 (selectable)
Maximum Load (total) 500W
Switching Method Solid-State
Sensor Inputs 4
Sensor Pins 0V, 5V, Input
Timer settings (8) 10, 30, 60 sec.
5, 15, 30, 60 min
Dimensions H: 35mm
W: 56mm
L: 153mm

Electrical SafetyAS/NZS 61558; AS/NZS 3820:2009
FlammabilityABS AF312C-NP 94VO


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Weight 166 g
Motion Sensors

Nil, 1 x White, 2 x White, 1 x Black, 2 x Black