Door Activated
12V Pelmet Lighting Kit
Up to Two Doors


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Door switched LED strip lighting kit for aluminium pelmet

The LD1000 is a complete door switched LED strip lighting kit suitable for small spaces with one or two doors such as wardrobes, cabinets and cupboards. This kit is easy to install, great for DIY and perfect for retro-fitting to existing cabinets.
LED strip lighting kit white spacer
A suggested pelmet is aluminium angle sourced from Bunnings and listed under trims with the brand name Roberts in their flooring section. There are a number of profiles and finishes available that range from silver to various woodgrains. If using a timber pelmet we strongly suggest attaching the LED strip to flat aluminium bar first. Aluminium bar or angle acts as a heatsink which prolongs the life of the LED strip.

If you need to run cables inside your cabinet, Bunnings also stock 16 x 10 mm cable ducting in the electrical section named “Delta 16 x 10mm trunking”.



  1. Firstly view the diagrams associated with the product image above.
  2. Cut the aluminium angle section to length and drill the mounting holes.
  3. Remove the adhesive cover tape of the LED strip and attach to the aluminium section. Cut LED strip where indicated to length of pelmet.
  4. Remove the backing tape of the reed sensor and place just under the LED strip.
  5. Screw the aluminium section with the LED strip attached to the cabinet.
  6. Remove one jumper on the controller for one door or two jumpers for two doors.
  7. Connect the various cables to the controller.
  8. Switch on power.
  9. The LED strip should now be lit.
  10. Move the magnet in and out by hand to determine the best position then install the magnet to that position on the door. For two doors do both at the same time.


  • 240/12VDC Power Adapter
  • DC controller [LD2015]
  • LED strip 3528 style, 120 LED/metre (select length)
  • Rectangular reed sensor/s with adhesive backing and 2m cable (select number of doors)
  • 9mm x 17mm cylindrical magnet OR 20 x 10mm rectangular magnet with adhesive backing

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Additional information

Weight 330 g
Number of Doors

One, Two


Flat rectangular w adhesive backing, Cylindrical – set into door

LED Strip Length

1 metre, 2 metre

LED Strip Colour

Warm White, Cool White