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Reed Sensor and Magnet – Fully Concealed Door Switch

This fully concealed door switch sensor system is used to detect door opening/closing for control of interior cabinet lighting. The kits can be installed on one to multiple doors for control of a single light. Open any door light comes on, close all doors light goes off. The parts have been designed to be installed by the cabinet maker during fabrication allowing completed cabinets to be delivered on-site connection-ready. An electrician completes the installation by simply plugging the components together and connecting the power.
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  • The magnet is placed in the door and the reed sensor is placed in the carcass.
  • Mounting hole: 10mm. Magnet and sensor: cylindrical, 9.5mm dia x 30mm.
  • Silent when operating with a lifespan greater than 10 million operations.
  • Works across gaps up to 35mm on hinged, sliding or bi-fold doors. Gap can be increased with a stronger magnet.
  • Requires Lightdream solid-state switching controller either LD2015 or LD2000-A.
  • Includes magnet and reed sensor with 2 metre lead and plug.

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To order

Simple setup: Select one LD1401 per door and one LD2015 DC controller per light.
Alternative controller: Two channel AC mains controller with auto switch-off LD2000-A.
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DC Controller LD2015: switches 12V @ 60W or 24V @ 120W.
AC Controller LD2000-A switches 240VAC, 500W, with two channels and delay timer.

LD2015 DC controller for controlling LED lights in cabinets and closetsLD2000-A AC controller for door switched LED cabinet lighting

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You may also require

10mm drill bit guide for drilling on edge: LD1405

2m or 4m, 2 wire extension cable: LD1563
Lightdream ld1563 extension cable for reed sensors/
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Operating Gap: 0 – 35 mm @ 90 deg. Can be increased with stronger magnet.
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Dimension: 9.5 mm dia. x 30mm L
Type: NdFeB
Lifespan: 10,000 years
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Dimension: 9.5 mm dia x 30mm L
Type: Encapsulated Reed Switch
Cable: 2 metre
Plug: 2 pole
Operations: >10,000,000

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