12V Drawer Lighting Kit
Hard wired – not batteries
Easy to Retrofit


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Drawer Lighting Kit

This drawer lighting kit is easy to install as all parts simply plug together and are fixed in place using adhesive backing. The drawer compartment is lit from a side mounted LED strip directly from this strip as well as indirectly by reflection from the drawer above. A magnetic switch is placed at the rear of the drawer. Pull out the drawer, light comes on, close the drawer, light goes off.

  • A 12V DC power adapter is required. Just one is recommended for a single set as only one drawer is opened at a time. Cat. No. LD1610 or LD1611
  • The LED strip is cut to length after installation at every third LED module
  • Additional LED strip is available for very wide drawers and plugs into the controller’s second output. Cat. No. LD1101



  • Very bright LED strip, narrow 3528, 120 LED/metre, 600mm L
  • Mini DC controller LD2018
  • Surface mounted reed sensor with adhesive backing and 2m cable (select number of doors)
  • Surface mounted magnet

Not Included

  • One 240/12VDC Power Adapter. Recommend Lightdream LD1610
  • Cable ducting. Source from Bunnings, 16 x 10 mm cable ducting in the electrical section named “Delta 16 x 10mm trunking”.

Installation Instructions

  1. Determine the best side of the drawers for the LED strip to be fixed. Recommend not having the strip pointing directly to where people are generally sitting or sleeping.
  2. Remove all drawers and clean the inside section of the carcass where the LED strip is to be adhered.
  3. Re-insert the lowest drawer and mark with a pencil the height of the drawer on the inside and rear of the carcass. This is the guide line for the LED strip and controller
  4. Remove the drawer.
  5. Peel back approximately 100mm of the adhesive protector of the LED strip. Start with the strip in the rear corner on the side with the wire going across the rear. The strip is placed so that the bottom is touching the pencil line mark.
  6. Complete adhering the rest of the strip and cut off any excess at the appropriate cutting point (every third LED).
  7. Plug the LED strip into the controller. Red is positive (+) black is negative (-).
  8. Remove the adhesive protector from the controller and place it horizontally at the rear with the bottom of the controller touching the pencil line.
  9. Plug the power-in cable into the controller and connect to the power adapter. Red is positive (+) black is negative (-).
  10. Power up the LED strip and it should be lit. If not lit, check polarity or connect power-in cable directly to LED strip, this checks power, LED strip and correct polarity.
  11. Using the magnet, determine the best location for placing it on the drawer.
  12. Remove the adhesive backing tape from the magnet and place it on the rear of the drawer as determined in the step above and re-insert the drawer.
  13. Move the drawer in and out and the LED strip will light accordingly.
  14. Repeat for the other drawers.


12VDC, 5.7W at maximum length
Length: 600mm
Type: 3528, 120LED/M, Warm White
Supplied with self adhesive backing

Surface mounted
Working gap: 10mm max.
Supplied with self adhesive backing

Dimensions: 40 x 17 x 10mm
Dual output
Supplied with self adhesive backing

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