12/24V Controller
For Reed Sensors
LED Lighting


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DC Controller for Use with Reed Sensors

Designed for switching power between the power supply and the LED fixture. The LD2015 DC controller connects the cable from the power supply, the cable to the LED fixture and up to five reed sensors. The controller then acts on the state of the reed sensors to either switch on or switch off power to the LED fixture.

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  • Power: Switches 5A. Max load @ 12V, 60W or @ 24V, 120W
  • For use in conjunction with the LD1400, LD1401 or LD1404 reed sensors. Configuration brochure
  • Connects up to five reed sensors to control a single LED fixture. Open any door light on, close all doors light off.
  • Additional reed sensors can be added by using the 6 port connection card LD1420 allowing up to 10 reed sensors to be connected in total. Ensure LED load does not exceed 5A.
  • All inputs are connected in series. Break the series loop and the controller switches on.
  • Each input requires a reed sensor or a jumper for correct operation.

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Parts to order for a door activated switch

Requires one reed sensor per door and one LD2015 controller per light.
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