12/24V DC Controller
For Reed Sensors
LED Lighting


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DC Controller for Use with Reed Sensors

The LD2015 DC controller switches 12/24V and is designed for interior cabinet lighting controlled by door activated reed sensors. The controller acts as a central hub connecting the cables from the power supply, the LED fixture and the reed sensors at a single point. Reed sensors can be any of the following – LD1400, LD1401 or LD1404.

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  • Power: Switches 5A. Max load 60W @ 12V or 120W @ 24V.
  • For use in conjunction with the LD1400, LD1401 or LD1404 reed sensors. Configuration brochure
  • Connects up to five reed sensors to control a single LED fixture. Open any door light on, close all doors light off.
  • Additional reed sensors can be added using the 6 port connection card LD1420.
  • All inputs are connected in series. A break the series loop and the controller switches on. Reed sensor contacts are closed with a magnet present.
  • Each input requires a reed sensor or a jumper for correct operation.

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Parts to order for a door activated switch

Requires one reed sensor per door and one LD2015 controller per light.
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