Recessed Magnetic Switch
Flush Finish
Rated 12/24VDC, 5A

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Recessed Magnetic Switch for Door Activated LED Lighting

The LD2016 recessed magnetic switch is controlled by a magnet placed on or in the door. Designed for use with a single door or where one door is always opened first. The magnet is fixed adjacent to the unit either on the door or inserted in the door for activation. Other uses include drawer lighting where the unit is placed in the rear of the cabinet behind a drawer.


  • Power: 12/24VDC, 5A
  • Mounting hole: 25mm
  • Finish diameter: 29mm
  • Available Magnets
    Cylindrical: Working Gap 30mm, 17.5L x 9mm dia.
    Flat: Working Gap 40mm, 20L x 10H x 4mm W, supplied with double sided adhesive tape
    Dome: Working Gap 25mm, 15mm dia. x 5mm H, supplied with double sided adhesive tape

  • Supplied with one magnet and one metre long input and output cables.

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