Cabinet Lighting and Switching

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Lighting today is dominated by LED lighting and is used in multiple applications.

Ambient lighting is the general lighting in a room or space. It should provide a comfortable level of brightness without glare. Wardrobes and cabinet interiors are best suited to ambient lighting.

Task lighting is bright to enable the task at hand. Kitchen benchtops and other work areas require task lighting.

Accent lighting is for use on kickboards, open shelving and recessed sections. The effect is to highlight a space and add drama.

Indirect lighting is used to minimise glare. Light sources are best placed in a cove or behind a pelmet.

Courtesy lighting is for the interiors of wardrobes, cabinets and drawers. Apart from functionallity it also adds ambiance and a feel of luxury.

Diffused lighting is a soft light without glare. Normally produced by placing a diffuser in front of the light source. The diffuser scatters the light allowing it to wrap around objects and avoiding shadows.

Spot lighting is used to highlight a particular object on a shelf or a work of art. It is a concentrated form of light and is best placed pointing away from the observer.

With the range of sensors now available, it is possible to never come in contact with a light switch again. Automation is the key to unhindered movement and sensors make that possible. Lighting can be controlled automatically by simply moving from one space to another.

A cabinet door switch can range from a surface mounted button or microswitch through to Lightdream’s fully concealed magnetic door switch system and is a method of automatically switching on and off an interior light by opening and closing the door.
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Magnetic door switch LD1400 for use with Lightdream's controllers

One main advantage of Lightdream’s door switching system is that the main parts can be installed at the factory. This saves a considerable amount of installation time onsite as the electrician is released from the task of retrofitting mechanical door switches. Lightdream employs a magnetic system with solid state electronics resulting in absolute silent switching. On the other hand, mechanical switches produce a click sound which is then amplified by the structure of cabinets.

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